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We created Dissection to provide a more in-depth look at early stage businesses, startups.

There’s always much fanfare around a funding announcement, the next Steve Jobs taking on a stagnant industry. And so there should be. We love innovation, we love founders and we love startups. But what there isn’t, at least from our own research, is an outlet where the narrative continues.

What pressures do we hypothesise a startup or industry is facing? How much runway does that startup have, in theory, and what do we think the founder is doing to mitigate the possibility of running out of cash?

We understand that we should tread carefully. And rightly so. This publication was not created to cast doubt, or panic, with regard to specific startups.

Any analysis done will be heavily caveated, and should always be taken with a pinch of salt. It’s just one person’s educated (and sometimes uneducated) opinion.

If you have any queries or contributions please write to us.