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Daily brief: Monday 2nd April 2018

Introducing… Dissection VIP.

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Daily briefings

Every day, at 9am BST, we publish our Daily Briefing. Within it the most interesting news overlaid with our thinking and interpretations. Something for your commute. A way to reduce the amount of time trawling through Reddit, Hacker News, Financial Times & Techmeme. We’re also going to be pushing out an audio version.

Early access to Coffee Briefs 

We started Dissection with the idea of writing one piece per week on startups and news that interests us. Not simply taking the headlines as given; rather, jumping into the data and drawing our own conclusions. As a Dissection VIP, you’ll get access to these a few days earlier than public release.

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Once you join, simply request to follow @dissection_vip, and you’ll have access to our commentary and links.

Become a Dissection VIP @ $10 / month

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